Just wait

A driver honked a couple times at me while we both waited for a red light to turn green. I was positioned in the center of the lane, in front of the driver and his car. I ignore honking most of the time, but I sometimes turn around to look at the honker to see if maybe something fell off my bike.

No, this driver pointed to the right. To me, he was suggesting that I move to the right. This would mean at least two things:

1. He wanted me to move towards the curb so that he could turn right on red, illegally turning right in front of a bicyclist.
2. He wanted me to move towards the curb, and when the light turned green, he would turn right in front of me (known as the right hook).

Neither scenario is legal or appropriate so I ignored his suggestion. Thankfully, neither his head nor his car exploded in anger and he was able to make a right turn, although 3.2 seconds later than he desired.


What people are saying about the Yuba Mundo

If you’re thinking about getting a Yuba Mundo and you live in a densely populated city, you better have the right personality to joyfully answer all the questions and discussions you’ll get because of the fun between your legs.

Drew and I

Here’s a sample of what people are saying about my bright blue Yuba Mundo:

  • Where did you get that?
  • What is it for?
  • What are those handlebars for?
  • Does it have extra pedals?
  • Can someone ride on the back?
  • You da man! (This was mostly in regards to me having a 400 watt sound system on the rear rack)
  • I like your bike!
  • That’s a cool bike!

Last week I was riding home at midnight through several “bar dense” neighborhoods. Someone in the backseat of a car stuck their head out the window in such a way as to not seem like they were not staring at me or the Yuba Mundo. I noticed and waved. It’s hard to ignore a wave and they waved back!

When you buy a bike, do these things

If you frequent bike message boards, you’ll see tips on “what to do if your bike gets stolen,” but fewer messages and discussions about how NOT to get your bike stolen.

So what should you do to keep your bike yours?

As soon as you get your bike, do these things (and in this order):

  1. Buy a lock and learn how to lock it. Learn from the Chicago Bicycle Program’s webpage or ask the bike shop staff to show you. Even if you don’t think you will need to lock it, YOU WILL at some point need to lock your bike to something (even if it’s inside your garage or on the balcony).
  2. Take a photo of you AND the bike (freestanding and not locked). This does two things: associates you as the owner of the bike, and reminds you what your bike looks like so you can describe it to others.
  3. Record the serial number. Save it to your computer, your Evernote, and your fireproof safe. This is another way to associate you as the owner of the bike and is unique to the bikes from that manufacturer.
  4. Register your bicycle with the bike shop (if they offer it) AND the local police department.

Yuba Mundo specs

These are the specs for my Yuba Mundo, which Blue City Cycles, a local bike shop down the street from me, will build.

Part Name Part Description
Model Frame and fork only
Frame 26″/50 Mundo MP Hi-Ten 1 1/8″ w disc brake mount
Size One size fits all
Color Blue
Fork included
Carrier included
Headset Ritchey Logic 1-1/8″ Threaded Black Headset
Brake (Front) Need to inspect frame first (else Avid BB5)
Brake (Rear) Need to inspect frame first (else Avid BB5)
Brake Lever (Pair) Sturmey-Archer Canti Brake Lever Set
Brake Cables Shop’s choice
Freewheel Nexus 18 tooth cog, silver
Chainring Dimension 110 x 42t BMX Chainring
Chain KMC 410RB, Rustbuster, Silver
Crankset Dimension 175mm Cross Crank Arm Set 110/74 Black. Includes Bolts
Bottom Bracket Shimano UN54 68x113mm BB
Pedal Dimension Cruiser Pedal with Slip Grip and Reflectors
Shifter (Front) NA
Shifter (Rear) Nexus 8-Speed Revo Shifter SL-8S20 (without brake lever)
Derailleur (Front) NA
Derailleur (Rear) NA
Derailleur Cables Shop’s choice
Axle Adapter Blue City Cycles solution
Hub (Front) Shimano DH-3D72 Dynamo 36h Centerlock Front Hub
Hub (Rear) Alfine SGS501 36h Disc brake 8-spd Internal hub black
Rim (Front) Velocity Cliffhanger 36h Reflective Black, 26″
Rim (Rear) Velocity Cliffhanger 36h Reflective Black, 26″
Spoke + Nipple Velocity spokes (shop’s choice)
Tires Schwalbe Fat Frank 26 x x2.35 Creme Wire (Order 2)
Tube + Rim Tape Shop’s choice
Handlebar Dimension Cruiser bar
Stem Kalloy 1-1/8″ Adjustable Quill 110mm 90-150 Degree Black Forged
Grips Oury MTN grip Blue
Seatpost TruVativ Stylo Race 25mm Offset 27.2×400
Seatpost Shim 4.6mm shim, 27.2 seatpost to 31.8
Saddle B67 Single Rail Saddle Black
Seat Clamp Kalloy Seatclamp & Bolt 31.8mm Black
Lights Lumotec IQ Fly with complementing taillight
Bell Not yet determined
Kickstand http://yubaride.com/yubashop/30-stand-alone-kickstand.html
Fenders Not yet determined
Stabilizer http://yubaride.com/yubashop/31-deflopilator.html
Top-deck 51-utility-deck.html

I will be Chicago’s first Mundo owner, and perhaps the first owner of a Mundo with an internal gear hub.
Which color Yuba Mundo?

CSS and page breaks

It seems the key to page breaks (causing them or avoiding them) is to style your element with “display:block;”.

For example,

.listItem {
page-break-inside: avoid;

Adding display:block fixed my page break issue and now the printer no longer cuts the list item.



Originally uploaded by Bicycle Geography

Drive Less. Ride More.

Lake Street Metra trains

Lake Street Metra trains
Originally uploaded by Steven Vance

Taken from Lake Street on the west side of the Chicago River South Branch. Three Metra trains go in and out of the north platforms at Union Station (after traveling three blocks under streets and buildings).
Photos are here, here, and here.

The video has been sped up by 44% to fit within Flickr’s 90 second time limit and to be less boring.

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