“Call On Me” number 26 on BBC Radio 1 charts. Um, why?

People who like music never stop their search for more.

Dance music still seems to be a European stronghold. As such, I research new artists and songs online in foreign blogs and websites (I don’t remember how I first found out about Lady Gaga in 2008, months before her album or a single released*). The BBC Radio 1 website streams the station live to viewers anywhere, and provides copious charts.

I was looking at the Top 40 Dance singles and saw that Eric Prydz’s “Call On Me” song is sitting nicely at #26 (up one position) and has been on the chart for 32 weeks. That puts it entering the chart just before the middle of 2009.
photo of Eric Prydz playing the turntables at a concert

Eric Prydz performing at Glastonbury, in 2009. Photo by Haydn Curtis.

I wish I knew why. Maybe I’ll hop on a plane and ask someone in London.

The song launched in 2004 as a catchy club tune. The music video made the song even more popular and spawned numerous copycats and parodies (usually with the gender roles reversed). Had YouTube been around in 2004 (they launched in 2005), “Call On Me” would probably have been the first “Single Ladies” (Beyoncé’s 2009 song) encouraging people around the world, of all ages, to remake the video in their personal way. See Cubbyradio’s video or JoeNationTV’s baby dancing.

I saved my favorite “Call On Me” parody video, keeping it safe until a site like YouTube would come around. Watch below (watch the original here). The video is eye candy for women and gay men, showing military personnel in skintight clothing.

*Lady Gaga performed at the Lollapalooza in downtown Chicago in the summer of 2007. Back then she had dark, brown hair, and dressed in a bikini (it was hot). She didn’t have her hit song, “Just Dance,” nor did she adopt her persona, until months later in 2008. Maybe she did this because Our Man in Chicago mistook her for Amy Winehouse.


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