Just wait

A driver honked a couple times at me while we both waited for a red light to turn green. I was positioned in the center of the lane, in front of the driver and his car. I ignore honking most of the time, but I sometimes turn around to look at the honker to see if maybe something fell off my bike.

No, this driver pointed to the right. To me, he was suggesting that I move to the right. This would mean at least two things:

1. He wanted me to move towards the curb so that he could turn right on red, illegally turning right in front of a bicyclist.
2. He wanted me to move towards the curb, and when the light turned green, he would turn right in front of me (known as the right hook).

Neither scenario is legal or appropriate so I ignored his suggestion. Thankfully, neither his head nor his car exploded in anger and he was able to make a right turn, although 3.2 seconds later than he desired.


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